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Carbon Drum

Client Overview

Carbon Drum offers an integrated and comprehensive social networking platform that caters to requirements of users who are specifically interested in music.

Project Objective

The client required a web solution that would enable users to interact and share a variety of information. The registered users should be able to make friends, define their own bands of music, download music, create blogs, bulletin boards and forums, define groups, classifieds, MySpace, and so on.

The business objective was to boost the music sales service for the client.


  • Profile management and blogs, forums, bulletin boards, events, bands, events and merchandise
  • Music download for guest, registered user and paid user, and song rating feature
  • Form groups, exchange messages, and MySpaces
  • Secure payment using Authorize.Net


  • Helped boost music sales
  • Excellent social networking experience
  • Traffic on site increased by huge proportions in no time


The challenge was to provide a flexible and easy to manage social networking site that would include virtually all the commonly recommended features such as blogs, forums, bulletin boards, friends, groups, and classifieds and so on. It also required managing music, bands, personal account, payment system, and MySpaces.

Technically, the team was challenged to implement MySpaces. Also, drag-n-drop was required for a customized profile layout section. Another challenge was to combine using PHP and Flash to implement live radio.


NetzSolutions development team designed and developed a solution - that offers an excellent interactive platform to its users.

In brief, the web application has following key features.

  • Three different levels of users - guest, free user, and paid user; and all these have little difference in the privileges to purchase and download music
  • A registered user logs in and have one's own personal home page
  • User profile is categorized into different components such as Basic Info, Contact Info, Personal Info, Images and so on.
  • Invite and add friends, and exchange messages using Rich Text editor
  • Manage Bulletin Boards, events and bands for music and songs. One can be a fan of band, if desired
  • An option to rate songs that determines overall ranking of songs as Best Selling songs
  • Purchase and download music and maintain albums and charts
  • For free user, some fixed credits are deposited in one's account and one can purchase songs as long as amount in account allows. A paid user has unlimited access to download music. A guest user has download music by making direct payment through credit card
  • The payment system is managed using Authorize.Net
  • Post comments with provision to approve or discard comments
  • User can view profiles of other users and can invite others for different features. One can accept or deny, even ban the user for sending an invitation request
  • Post items for sale in Merchandise
  • Create Groups for like-minded people


The application is developed using LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The team used PHP5.x for the development, and MySQL 5 as database. For payment gateway, the team used API's of Authorize.Net. For JavaScript validations, we used JQuery of Prototype.Js.

The team used extensive DIV tags and not usual HTML coding, using FastTemplate as per web2.0 standards.


The solution conceived and implemented by NetzSolutions, provides following benefits to the client.

  • Offers virtually all the required features of a good social networking platform
  • Increased user traffic on site and got it multiplied by huge proportions, quickly
  • Offers music download options for different levels of users. Paid users have unlimited access to download; guest can make direct payment using Authorize.Net.
  • Enables events management, band management, exchanging messages by making friends, forming groups, using forums and bulletin boards, and so on.

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