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Client Overview

CorEMR has about 30 years of experience in software development with specialization in providing Electronic Medical Records services to cater to requirements of pharmaceutical and medical industry. The client provides affordable electronic medical records systems for corrections facilities.

Project Objective

The client had an EMR system that was required to be updated. Some additional features were to be implemented in the product, and the team had to fix all issues and bugs in the existing product.

The objective was to deliver a comprehensive and affordable product that could be sold to medical and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Comprehensive management of staff activities and time management system
  • Patients' information with Search feature
  • Multiple reports for transactions, stock, patients, staff
  • No paperwork required


  • Facilitates efficient administration at a single point
  • Integrated and affordable solution for all functions
  • Increased productivity for its customers


The challenge in project was to use some technology since our team was not experienced in using required tools and technology. One, we needed to work on MySQL 5.0 Compatibility. The development team used PHP5.x that was new for us. The team used Prototype.Js as well.


NetzSolutions development team designed and developed a solution - that enables efficient Electronic Medical Records services.

In brief, the CorEMR has following key features.

  • Organizes and Tracks Staff Activities - View and manage tasks of staff on periodic basis, including scheduling and organizing on calendar.
  • Patient Information - Search patient by name, registration number, or social security number, and see patient medical chart and history.
  • Tracks Medical Administration - Patient's compliance and non-compliance details including reasons.
  • Inventory Management - Tracks patients' pill inventory with provisions to reorder/refill.
  • Transactions Management - Maintains patients' release and transfer details, including time spent, and reasons and so on.
  • Reports - Custom reports on compliance, staff management, time management system, inventory, and on patients' history.
  • No Manual Documentation - CorEMR doesn't require manual documentation or paperwork for any reason.


The application is developed using LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The team used PHP5.x for the development, and MySQL 5 as the database. A major part of the project included the implementation of prototype.js (scriptaculous - a third party JavaScript library) which was a new experience for the team.


The solution conceived and implemented by NetzSolutions - provides following benefits to client.

  • Enhanced features in product means providing complete and affordable ERM system
  • Helps reduce litigation risks as it covers all critical areas such as appointments, diagnosis, medications and treatment
  • Inventory management and detailed reporting system ensures easier administration
  • Brings increased productivity as integration solution requires no manual paperwork
  • Single repository of all kinds of data and information plugs in any communication gaps

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