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5 Phase Process

Have a quick look at our Mantra of delivering quality. The 5 step solution, which forms our core process for development!

Phase - 1: DEFINE

Define the problem
Define Project Problems (Decline in number of unique visitors, High bounce rate, Browser Incompatibility etc)

Define the importance
Define Project Importance (ROI, higher traffic etc)

Voice of the Customer (Website owner)
Website owner's requirements and needs

Define the customer (Website Users and Visitors)
Define, who are the customers to the Website (users or visitors)
Define user's requirements and needs are for products and services through the Website
Define user's expectations from the Website

Project Charter

Define Project Goals (conversions rate increase, online registrations, buy products etc)
Define project boundaries (budget, time etc)
Define the process to be improved by mapping the process flow

All of these questions need answered up front, using a host of tools and techniques such as "project charters" and "critical to quality" diagrams. The more effort put defining the problem, the more likely the problem will be successfully resolved.

Phase - 2: Measure

Measure and Quantify the problem
Measure the current performance of the Website
Measure the competitor's Website's performance

Develop a data collection plan
Collect data from sources and/or Websites to determine types of defects and metrics
Compare customer survey results to determine shortfall
If you do not know your websites process or how it is currently performing, how would you know what is wrong and what to fix, you have to have some base to compare, once the problem is fixed. The measure phase is about understanding and quantifying the current reality, by using tools such as process mapping, collecting and validating data. If the website is live, measure it! Or good luck.

Phase - 3: ANALYZE

Determine the root causes of problem

Factorial Designs (Multivariable Testing)
A/B Split Test

Analyze the problem using Cause and Effect / Fishbone Diagrams
Analyze the problem using Histograms

Use of Pareto Charts
Ask the 5 Whys
Use Statistical Analysis
Test using Hypothesis Testing

Determine the opportunities for improvement
Identify gaps between current performance of Website and goal performance
Prioritize opportunities to improve the goal performance
Identify and analyze the sources of variation

Now we get serious about flushing out the root cause of the problem. All sorts of statistical tests are done to determine which is the rotten apple spoiling the barrel. This is the point at which a highly trained Six Sigma "Black Belt" gets busy, as they perform the complicated number crunching. Project team get involved in identifying non value adding steps in the process and making sure analysis paralysis does not creep in.

Phase - 4: IMPROVE

Improve the Website by eliminating the root cause of the problem
Defining tolerance to suite all major Search Engines browsers

Simulation on different computers, connections and browsers


Mistake Proofing

Develop and deploy implementation plan
Target projects by designing creative solutions to prevent problems
Create innovate solutions using technology and discipline
You have found the rotten apples, now it is time to get rid of them. The improve phase is about eliminating the root cause of the problem and/or implementing a solution that will flag early if the process is on a slippery slope of customers dissatisfaction.

Phase - 5: CONTROL

Control the improvements to keep the Website's looks and functionality on the new course

Define and Validate Monitoring and Control Plans.
Prevent reverting back to the "old way"

Development, documentation and implementation of an ongoing monitoring plan
Develop Standards and Procedures and stick to them.
Control Charts
Verify Benefits and Cost Saving
The control phase is about getting the process back to business as usual. The project team hands over responsibility to the people in charge of the everyday process of the Website, with the added benefit of having prevented the problem from occurring again, or giving them the tools to monitor the process and nip problems in the bud before they grow. The project charter is reviewed, to ensure all project charter objectives have been met, such as increase the ROI and quality improvements. Now it's time enjoy the success and party

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